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Exotic Ostrich Leather

One if the most precious and expensive types of leather

Precious Work of Art

The Ostrich Leather is among the most precious and expensive types of leather used in the luxury leather industry. only Crocodile and alligator leather cost more.the ostrich leather is easily recognizable because of the evenly distributed follicles on its surface.

Softness & Durability of Ostrich Leather

The Ostrich leather is one of the most resistant, soft and flexible leathers and for these reasons it is loved by many designers who use it with pleasure in their collections. this leather is truly durable, soft and flexible. it adapts perfectly to any form of Handbags and wallets whether soft or rigid. in addition Ostrich Skin is durable over time, thanks

to its natural oils that keep it from drying out and that make it even softer, unlike other types of leather that do not have them.

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