Classic Finish (CF) 

Classic Finish is a full grain semi-matte, pigmented finish with a natural grain pattern. The high concentration of pigment used in this finish might cover less visible marks. A very high level of color consistency is achieved on an individual skin as well as overall on skins in a dye batch. The leather has a monotone color with high light fastness. This type of finish makes the skin suitable for a wide range of products including; Automobile interiors, Furniture, clothing, Shoes, Belts, Luggage, handbags, Briefcases, and more 

Our ostrich skin comes from the family-owned farm

All our ostriches feed with the best natural food in a very safe and friendly environment,

Our ostrich hide doesn't have any harmful chemicals or died from harmful colors

All our ostrich skins thickness is 1.2mm

Suitable for any leather projects like;

Ostrich skin Leather, Chili Red CF Color

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