***Grade B has one or two defaults on the skin and its good for a medium and smaller project

photo its not from Grade B its just to show color

Rio Grande

The Rio Grande receives a white topcoat on the dyed leather. The skin is then polished in a similar fashion to a colonial finish to create a two-toned finishing that exaggerates the contrast between the quills and the valley. The Rio Grande is also used in the cowboy boot, handbag, and upholstery industry.

Our ostrich skin comes from the family-owned farm

All our ostriches feed with the best natural food in a very safe and friendly environment,

Our ostrich hide doesn't have any harmful chemicals or died from harmful colors

All our ostrich skins thickness is 1.2mm

Suitable for any leather projects like;

Automobile interior, Furniture, clothing, saddles, motorcycle seats, Boots, Shoes, Belts,

Luggage, Handbag, Briefcases, and more

Ostrich Legs skin Leather Rugged (Rio Grande)Color Grade B