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Ostrich skin is the strongest and largest bird skin in the world. Its remarkable protein density in the skin makes this one of the strongest leathers on the market, while also remaining soft for any small (watch strap) or large projects Handbag or Chair).


One feature of ostrich leather is that as it ages, the color will transfer to distinguish the aged color. Ostrich leather is considered Exotic Leather because of the look of the quill part called the crown area, which is the feather area of the bird. The Crown area of skin leather is the luxury area, and each skin value is based on this area's condition (grade) and the size of the entire skin. 

ostrich skin diffrent color photo_edited

Ostrich Skin is Categorized Based on Grade and Size.

Size: measurement of full ostrich skin leather in square feet.

Grade: Condition of Crown Area Categorize in Grade A, Grade B, and Grade C

Grade A has no defect or is minor on the edge of the crown area. The entire crown area is usable.

Grade B has 1 to 3 defects. Mostly, three-fourths of the whole crown area is usable. 

Grade C has over three defects, and at least half of the crown area is usable.


*The value of the ostrich leather is calculated based on the size of the entire skin in square feet, crown area (the area has quill), condition (grade), and type of finish applied to the leather.


*If there are any defects or holes around the crown area, it doesn't affect the value of the skin. The only condition of the crown area and the size