Ostrich Leather
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Our ostrich skin comes from the family-owned farm.

All our ostriches are fed with the best natural foods in a very safe and friendly environment,

Our ostrich hide doesn't have any harmful chemicals or died with harmful colors

Exotic Ostrich Leather, like no other Exotic leather with its distinctive quills and unique appearance

 is a beautiful product to work with.

Every skin is different; every skin has got its unique fingerprints and unique structure.

Ostrich leather allows you to design anything;

you have gotten a bigger scope with ostrich leather than what you have with any other Exotic Leathers.

Ostrich Leathers can be custom died into almost any color imaginable,

from very earthy national hues to bright Exotic Fashion colors. 

Another way it can be differentiated is in the finish. This is where the look & Touch is changed.

The look perhaps by making it Metallic & with touch making it silkier and waxier.

All of this aids the design & clarity exactly as you look to create.

All our Exotic ostrich Leathers thickness are 1.2 mm

Most Suitable for any leather projects like;

Automobile Interiors, Furniture, clothing, saddles, motorcycle seats, Boots, Shoes, Belts,

Luggage, Handbag, Briefcases, and more

Based on the number of the defaults on the Crown Part of the skin it is divided into three grades as follow; 


          Grade 1:  The center Crown area is free to one of the defects.

          Grade 2: The center Crown area may have two or three defeats.

          Grade 3:  The center Crown area may have more than three defects.



For Price of Each Hide, First Choose Size, and Grade,

sizes are measured based on square foot

*the actual leathers' colors  may be slightly different from photos on the website

*if you can't find your desired colors, please email us your
color sample photo & we will get back to you with availability ASAP 
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