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Ostrich leg skin leather is a type of exotic leather that is highly valued for its unique appearance and durability. Ostrich skin is one of the most sought-after exotic leathers in the fashion industry, and the leg skin is considered to be one of the most beautiful parts of the ostrich skin.


Ostrich leg skin leather is distinctive in its appearance, with a distinctive pattern of bumps and ridges that gives it a unique texture. The bumps and ridges are caused by the feather follicles on the ostrich's legs, which create a raised texture when the skin is tanned.

One of the benefits of ostrich leg skin leather is its durability. Ostrich skin is one of the strongest and most resilient leathers available, and the leg skin is no exception. It is also relatively lightweight, making it an ideal material for a variety of leather goods.

Ostrich leg skin leather is often used in high-end fashion accessories such as shoes, boots, belts, and handbags. The unique texture and distinctive pattern of the leather make it a popular choice among designers and fashion enthusiasts.

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Ostrich leg skin leather is generally priced higher than other types of leather due to its unique appearance, durability, and scarcity. The price of ostrich leg skin leather can vary depending on several factors including grade of leather and size of leather.

Grade of the leather: Ostrich leg skin leather is graded based on its quality and the number of blemishes or imperfections on the skin. The higher the grade, the more expensive the leather.

Size of the leather: The size of the ostrich leg skin can also affect the price of the leather. Larger skins are typically more expensive than smaller skins.


the area of interest on the ostrich legs skin,

which effect on grade and value of the skin 



For the price of each hide, first choose Size and Grade, sizes are measured based on square foot (Sqft). 


The actual leathers' colors may be slightly different from photos on the website, depending on your device lighting and natural variations in dyes.


If you can't find your desired colors, please email us your color sample photo and we will get back to you with availability ASAP.