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Photos are slightly different from the original item 

The strong legs of the ostrich are unfeathered and show bare skin, with the tarsus (the lowest upright part of the leg) being covered in scales, which are red in males and black in females.

The leg skin is quite distinct from the body skin with its quite unusual look and texture. The metatarsal creates a reptilian-looking broad-scale band running down the center of the leg skin. The leg leather is naturally much smaller in size and best suited to small leather goods, boots, and contrast detail on larger products, although it can also be stitched together to create larger panels. Most sold in a high gloss glazed finish, leg skin leather is available in more matt effects as well.

The Size of leg leathers is usually 4"4.5" in the narrow part, 5" in width, and 16" - 22" in height,


Based on the number of defaults on the skin it is divided into three grades as follow;   

Grade 1: Center area of the skin free of defects

Grade 2: Center area of the skin has one or two defects

Grade 3: Center area of the skin has more than three defects