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Is ostrich skin ideal for making phone cases?

Ostrich Legs Skin is One if the most precious and luxury look types of leather

Yes, and one of the reasons is the pattern, almost perfectly centered, the scales measure about 4” wide and make stunning rectangles. The strategic positioning of the pattern allows a designer to determine where the pattern should be displayed.

For maximum attention, lining the pattern down the middle of a phone case is a great call.

However, depending on the phone’s thickness, you can explore more positions.

ostrich legs skin
Different colors of legs skin


Another reason to use ostrich leg skin to make phone cases is Durability of Ostrich skin. It consists of three layers of interwoven fibers, which make it resistant to stretching; also thanks to its natural oils that keep it from drying out and that make it even softer, unlike other types of leather that do not have them. Tough enough to go in and out of your pocket 1000 times a day. If you’re constantly on the move and you practically have your phone attached to your hand an ostrich leg skin phone case would be ideal choice for its durability.

Easy to Work With;

Ostrich Skin is known for its flexibility and adaptability. Since a phone case will have to be curved in some places, flexibility plays a vital part in making the craftsman’s work easier. Its flexibility also helps the manufacturer increase precision with cuts and creates cleaner panels. Ostrich leg skin is the definition of class, whether it has a Glazed, Matte or Suede finish. To the touch it has a soft feeling that gives the holder both a comfortable grip & a feather like lightness.

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