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Explore the luxurious softness and rich, deep color of our 100% genuine Lamb skin leather in the beautiful burgundy shade. Our fine Lamb skins are carefully tanned without the use of harmful chemicals or dyes, ensuring the highest quality and safety for our customers. With a thickness of 0.7mm, our leather is perfect for a wide range of fine leather projects, including automobile interiors, furniture, clothing, saddles, motorcycle seats, boots, shoes, belts, luggage, handbags, briefcases, and much more. Whether you're a leather artisan or simply seeking to add a touch of luxury to your life, our Lamb skin leather in burgundy is an excellent choice. Experience the unbeatable quality and versatility of genuine leather with our premium selection.

Lamb skin leather Burgundy Color (100% Genuine skin)

$16.00 Regular Price
$12.80Sale Price
Color: Red
  •   Finest natural lamb/goat skin in 0.7 mm thickness, very light wight it's perfect for fine leatherwork in different sizes,